They’re coming up!

A beautiful Sunday after a couple days of off and on rain. The onions are up and the potatoes are starting to peek through the soil. It’s a start. I have more onion sets to put out. Michael said they were out of peas in town. He’ll check elsewhere when he goes to town tomorrow. The batteries are dead on the camera so no pictures this time. I’ll finish this post tomorrow.

We have something getting our chicks. One banty hen had seven babies and she lost all of them within a 12 hour period. I suspect a rat. I hate poison but I have a special box that allows the rats to get it without anything else having access to it. We had to use it several years ago. It seems to go in cycles. Michael will get some tomorrow and we’ll get rid of them.

It was another busy day of school today. We’re trying to finish up by the third week of May so as we finish off a subject we double up on something else. We’re almost done with Literature. We’ve completed Science including final exams. Melissa and Michelle have less than two weeks of Grammar, but almost three weeks of History. Kalina and Hannah have less than two weeks of History but three weeks of Spelling. And this is doing double lessons in most subjects. Kalina and Hannah have ten Math lessons to go. Melissa and Michelle have …ugg…twenty-five! We’ll do two a day after we complete something else, MAYBE. Math is one of the hardest subjects. I told them we could do a couple of lessons a week in the summer but I think they’d rather do two lessons a day!

My sister and her husband will be visiting from Arizona in a couple of weeks. We’re really looking forward to that.

It looks like we’re butchering some more roosters tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to take pictures in case anyone is interested in how we process our chickens.

It’s after 10 0’clock. Time to finish and head to bed soon. (And get Michael to get some batteries in my camera!) Good-night.




One thought on “They’re coming up!

  1. katmando1955 says:

    Fresh Yard Buzzard,Yummy!

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