A trip to the Elk River and look at these trees!

Saturday was so nice we decided to take the kids on a trip we had  promised to see the Elk River which is about 2 miles from here. I knew the water would be cold but we weren’t planning on swimming.

Clifford insisted he go in the water to wade like his sissys.


But Michelle helped him warm up. Thanks!

Of course someone (Michelle) had to fall in before we left! That water was REALLY COLD!

The fall color up here is amazing. I don’t know when I’ve seen much prettier. These were all taken on our property.

This is part of what I see every time I look out my kitchen window.

The meadow across the road.

One of the old sheds. It has a wood stove in it. Even so I think it would be rather chilly in there!

We’ve made progress on the water. Turned it on and water sprayed from the broken pipe in the bathroom! 🙂 Michael fixed it yesterday and so we’ll try again. He has to move the pump and pressure tank closer to the cisterns so right now we’re using a gas pump to transport to the electric pump and then to the house. We’ll get it!

I gave the chicken house a good cleaning and did nest boxes and put down a good layer of straw so they’re ready for winter.

I also added a couple more 10 ft. perches as it’s way crowded in there with all the young birds. Time to butcher some of the extra roosters that hatched this spring.


We spent this morning leveling and working on a better place to do the milking. It’ll be nice to be out of the weather for that. We’ll get it enclosed and the girls will be very thankful. We have more rain coming tomorrow and Friday. Stock tanks and buckets will get refilled. The spring will provide most of our needs but I’m always glad for rain.

I’m trying to start planning out the garden space. I don’t think we’ll have time to plow it up this fall. I’d like to put the pig in there. She’d till and fertilize! We’ll see.

Gotta run now. Michael has started bailing straw (couldn’t get it as hay with the weather) so I’ll put up some picks soon.



We have heat!

Michael bought the 6″ flue cleaner we needed and we prepared to move the stove from the room where it had been stored. HEAVY!!! Even after removing the bricks. We were worried about it coming through the floor.

Finally in place.

When we took the cover off of the pipe we made an awful discovery. It was filled with dead bluebirds! There must have been 12-15 of them.

After cleaning them out and Michael getting on the roof and cleaning the flue we had a nice fire. That was great because the high temp was only 54F yesterday and it’s only supposed to be 47F today! The nights are going into the 30’s the next couple of nights.

Lunch by the fire!

I love being able to put beans on the top of the wood stove and letting them cook all day!

Great Northern beans with ham, carrots, and onions.

It goes great with fried potatoes….

and artesian bread. (Recipe to follow. It’s SO easy! 🙂 )

This bread has 4 ingredients!

6 1/2 cups of flour (I usually use a mixture of whole wheat and unbleached white) but no regular white- YUCK YUCK!!

3 cups of water about 100 – 110 degrees (don’t kill your yeast!)

1 1/2 tablespoons of yeast

1 1/2 tablespoons of salt

Sprinkle yeast on water. Sprinkle salt and stir lightly to moisten yeast.

Add flour all at once and mix just until all flour is moistened.

Grease your pan. I use my 4 1/2 quart dutch oven.

This is about 1 tablespoon of olive oil wiped inside. Make sure you grease well or it will stick!

Now is the most fun part! Flour your hands well and sprinkle flour over the dough. It will still be sticky but fold under from the edges into a rough ball shape. Put into your pan.

Put someplace warm and let rise for 2 hours.

After 2 hours.

Heat oven to 450F and put a pan of water in the bottom. I skipped this step last time and it didn’t really make much difference. Maybe a little airier.

Bake about 35 minutes. And the results – YUM!

If you don’t want this much bread at once use what you want and the rest can be refrigerated for up to 2 weeks. Not here. We can eat one of these a day. The original recipe calls for this to make 4 loaves using about a grapefruit sized piece of dough.

This was our sunset the other day.

I’ve more to post about but this is probably enough for today. The rope for the well broke and the bailer is currently at the bottom of the well. That’s not going to be much fun to try to retrieve but we HAVE to get it out. The spring is currently at 1 gallon in 5 minutes which is more than enough for our uses. The cisterns are well on the way to being cleaned and soon I hope to have water actually coming through the pipes and into the house without carrying buckets of water! 🙂

Have a great Sunday and God bless!

Our water situation

This is the hose coming from our spring. And this is the tree that fell at the base of our spring.

This is the cover over the cistern that holds our spring water to pump up to our house.

The water is at a trickle that might be 2 gallons an hour. The cistern needs to be completely pumped out and cleaned.

This is our current water supply.

These downspouts used to go into a drain in the ground. Michael altered them a little! 🙂

Full containers are a beautiful sight! I’m thankful for the Lord’s provision. We can take baths now.

Every place and container available to catch rain water is in use. We put this water into the 50 and 150 gallon storage containers.

We also have a shallow well that is dropping quickly even with light use of 20 gallons or less a day.

Michael cut the tree by the spring and hopefully will get the cistern pumped out tomorrow. We can also run a couple of miles down the hill to the Elk River and fill storage containers if we need to.

I’ll update as we make progress in the work.

We’re starting to see some fall color in the landscape.

Michael’s hay cutting toys. Oh, yeah. They’re not toys. Right!

My favorite sight. Michael’s truck topping the hill as he returns home!

Well, the milk’s in. Gotta go. Have a great evening. God bless!