They’re coming up!

A beautiful Sunday after a couple days of off and on rain. The onions are up and the potatoes are starting to peek through the soil. It’s a start. I have more onion sets to put out. Michael said they were out of peas in town. He’ll check elsewhere when he goes to town tomorrow. The batteries are dead on the camera so no pictures this time. I’ll finish this post tomorrow.

We have something getting our chicks. One banty hen had seven babies and she lost all of them within a 12 hour period. I suspect a rat. I hate poison but I have a special box that allows the rats to get it without anything else having access to it. We had to use it several years ago. It seems to go in cycles. Michael will get some tomorrow and we’ll get rid of them.

It was another busy day of school today. We’re trying to finish up by the third week of May so as we finish off a subject we double up on something else. We’re almost done with Literature. We’ve completed Science including final exams. Melissa and Michelle have less than two weeks of Grammar, but almost three weeks of History. Kalina and Hannah have less than two weeks of History but three weeks of Spelling. And this is doing double lessons in most subjects. Kalina and Hannah have ten Math lessons to go. Melissa and Michelle have …ugg…twenty-five! We’ll do two a day after we complete something else, MAYBE. Math is one of the hardest subjects. I told them we could do a couple of lessons a week in the summer but I think they’d rather do two lessons a day!

My sister and her husband will be visiting from Arizona in a couple of weeks. We’re really looking forward to that.

It looks like we’re butchering some more roosters tomorrow. I’ll try to remember to take pictures in case anyone is interested in how we process our chickens.

It’s after 10 0’clock. Time to finish and head to bed soon. (And get Michael to get some batteries in my camera!) Good-night.





We’re all sick now. Poor hubby was in bed Tuesday. The phone rings. A neighbor calling. “Do you want a turkey?” Me thinking, “Michael won’t be happy to have to get up and skin a turkey!” “Yes. We’d love it! Thank you!” “Honey, the neighbors are bringing a turkey.” Out of bed without a complaint and skinned that big ole tom turkey. What a good husband! We had fresh turkey breast for supper. YUM! Now to can the broth and meat from the rest of the bird. I didn’t remember to get pics before it was skinned but only after it was cut up.

We did plant four more rows of potatoes and a row of onions last week.

Train them young. They love to help!

Clifford  helping Mama plant the onions.


Reading – a favorite pastime here at our place.

One more day of school this week. I’m looking forward to a couple days of not having to school sick! Praying we’ll be much recovered by next week. How’s your week been?

Sick! :0(

We have all managed to catch the latest cold virus to come into our home. Little Clifford has been hit the hardest so far. He’s been running a fever for five days. His cough seems to be improving somewhat. Melissa and Michelle have terrible coughs. The rest of us just feel yuck! Kalina seems to be the last to be coming down with it. Pray for quick healing as we’re schooling even though sick. I’ll post more another day.

Chicks and Planting

We’ve had a few baby chicks hatch since the 1st of the month. Three banties hid eggs, one of them hers plus someone else was laying in the same nest, and we had 42 baby chicks! One banty hatched 7, one 13 and one 22! We lost 2 of the 22 and gave 5 to someone else because there were just too many for her to care for. I have one hen with 14 eggs that I actually set under her that will hatch Friday.  The kids love baby chicks!

Hannah and Dorac, her Australian Shepherd.

We planted 4 more rows of potatoes and red, white and yellow onions. If it doesn’t rain I hope to plant beets, more yellow onions and some peas tomorrow. I’ll try to post some planting pics next time. They wouldn’t load tonight and I need to get to bed. Have a great week, everyone!


Ramps and Taters

It has been beautiful here in central WV the last couple of days. Michael and the girls  dug ramps yesterday morning but forgot to take a camera. We have enough for eating now and to put some up.

They started cooking them before there was even enough cleaned!

Many hands make for light work.

Put two rows of potatoes in today. The ground is FINALLY dry enough to work in the garden. Yippee!

Time to head to bed. I’m up much later than I should be trying to get this posted! We have much to do tomorrow including some school and getting ready for Easter. We won’t be attending our church’s sunrise service as we can only make one trip into town and we milk at 7:15a.m. We’ll attend service later in the morning. Have a great week-end and a blessed Easter in celebration of the rising of our Lord and Savior.

Busy Week

We butchered two more roosters today. We hope to do a couple more tomorrow and Wednesday. We’re also going to try to go dig ramps this week. If we don’t go soon they’re going to get too big!

The weather was beautiful today. The Pawpaw trees are in bloom and the wildflowers are beautiful. The kids were out without their shoes again today. I love Spring! It’s supposed to go down to 37 tonight so my peach tree should be o.k. When we had the frost last week, Michael took our old barrel bbq and set it under the tree and built a fire in it. It seems to have worked.

School is going well. I’m sure looking forward to being done this year. This weather  makes it VERY hard to stay inside with our nose in the books.We’ll be done soon. We’ve finished science and will be done with math by the end of April or so. History and Grammar will take a little longer but as we finish one subject it allows more time spent on others. I hope to be all finished by the middle of May.I haven’t decided if we’ll take a Spring Break or not. I’ll probably hold off until May when my sister Ruth and her husband Steve come for a visit.

It’s getting late and I need to head to bed soon.

A few pics.

Dandelion greens. Yum!


My peach tree.

I love our beautiful colored eggs!

Wisteria in bloom.

Hannah, Kalina and Clifford off to play.

Pawpaw in flower. They’re pretty but boy do they stink!

Our Pawpaw grove and part of the cellar house.