We’re all sick now. Poor hubby was in bed Tuesday. The phone rings. A neighbor calling. “Do you want a turkey?” Me thinking, “Michael won’t be happy to have to get up and skin a turkey!” “Yes. We’d love it! Thank you!” “Honey, the neighbors are bringing a turkey.” Out of bed without a complaint and skinned that big ole tom turkey. What a good husband! We had fresh turkey breast for supper. YUM! Now to can the broth and meat from the rest of the bird. I didn’t remember to get pics before it was skinned but only after it was cut up.

We did plant four more rows of potatoes and a row of onions last week.

Train them young. They love to help!

Clifford  helping Mama plant the onions.


Reading – a favorite pastime here at our place.

One more day of school this week. I’m looking forward to a couple days of not having to school sick! Praying we’ll be much recovered by next week. How’s your week been?


One thought on “Turkey!

  1. honey; that old bird was worth gettin up fer .yum yum 🙂

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