Pics From the Farm

I’m feeling a little put out this morning! We’re on generator power here and I didn’t get back in time to get gas last evening. This post was almost finished when the gas ran out. It didn’t save my post. I guess we start over!

These aren’t the best pictures. It was evening and some had poor lighting but it will give some idea of the farm. I need to get the kids in them to give a better perspective. Next time.

This is when you top the hill and get the first view of the house and the first field. The hay really needs to be cut!

Coming around the road toward home.

The same field looking to where you top the hill.

Looking out my kitchen window toward the same area.

The building on the left has equipment storage on the front side and a small shop and chicken coop on the back. The chicken run is almost finished.

The building on the right is for storage.

Wood shed and tractor shelter to the right of the house.

The front of the house from the road. You can see the top of the cellar house to the left and behind the house.

Black gold. I don’t really care for burning coal but we have a coal stove and it’s free fuel. We will also burn wood. So messy but I probably won’t care when it’s -10 degrees outside! 🙂

Everything is such a mess. I get to spend a couple of days home starting this evening and Michael will be here. Hopefully it will give me a chance to get a little organizing done.

I’ve got to get. We need to load the truck for another trip. I’ll surely be glad to finish.

Have a blessed day!


Harvesting the Corn

We have been processing corn for the last couple of days. I’m so very thankful for the help of Mom who is visiting for the month. We picked the first two rows Tuesday and canned 16 pints and the next two rows yesterday and put up another 14 pints. They’re going right back into the jar boxes to move soon. We dug a row of potatoes yesterday and got about another 30#. That makes about 100# we’ve dug so far and I hope to get about another 90# from what’s left to dig. We went out this morning and found our poor onions lost in the weeds and dug them up. Not nearly what we’d hoped for but still better than last year. We also harvested Lamb’s Quarter and ate some with Supper last night and I’ll probably blanch and freeze some today. I need to can it but I also need to spend part of today packing as we haven’t done ANY this week and we close on the house Monday!! YIPPEE!!

Michael brought home a kitten this week. She’s about 5 weeks old and covered with fleas. Needless to say she’s NOT in the house but in a tub on the porch. We’ve dusted her in diatomacious earth and have been catching and killing them. I bet we’ve killed 100 fleas. I don’t know how she even survived the infestation.

Meet Mimzy. She will be Kalina’s kitten since her dog died last month.

We have a family reunion Saturday and we’re all looking forward to seeing everyone. Once a year is not enough to see them. (I think I’ll take Lamb’s Quarter as that is one of my most abundant “crops”.)

Well, gotta run as the day is passing quickly and there’s much to do.

Have a blessed day!

The Waiting Is Over

Just a quick post. They accepted our offer! We close 1 week from Monday. Then it’s packing and moving our whole farm over 60 miles that on a good day takes almost 2 hours to drive to. Not really looking forward to that! But we’ll get it done. I’ll be sure to take some pics of that hairy, scary road we have to climb to get up there.

The house in the distance. It almost feels like the top of the world up here!

There are some big trees in the fields that came down in that Derecho storm that came through last month. And Michael thinks we’ll get a cutting of hay! YIPPEE!

Well I’m  absolutely exhausted so I think I’ll call it a night. My sweet Mother-in- law will be here from CA to visit for the next 5 weeks, my oldest step-daughter and her husband are going to have a baby after almost nine years, and this farm Mama who is used to staying home most of the time has spent WAY too many hours on the road the last few weeks. Exciting times. But I’m ready for normal again.

Have a great night and God bless!

Waiting, waiting

We made an offer on the property we are interested in buying. Now we wait to see if they accept our offer. The house is much smaller but the fields and pasture is great. Some outbuildings, a drilled well and a shallow well. And WAY out and up a mountain.

The girls out around a big pear tree.

Melissa and I dug the second row of potatoes today. The yield was about 30# for the 45′ row.Most of them were very nice with no bugs and no rot. We have 4 more rows in this garden to dig.

We also harvested some of the Lamb’s Quarter and had some for dinner with sliced tomatoes and baked potatoes. Yummy.

I think the Lamb’s Quarter is on of the most prolific things growing in my garden! We all love it. I boil it for a few minutes, drain and add butter, salt and pepper. It’s very good for you and I seem to have a hard time growing spinach and this grows without any help from me!

We also have purslane which the kids eat raw but I’m going to try cooking.

Time to get back to packing – and waiting, waiting.