The good, the bad and the UGLY

The good…

Fresh green beans


and taters sneaked out of the tater patch


cooked up with a 1/2 pound of last years bacon + milk from our cow, pork from last years hog and homemade biscuits = one delicious supper on Tuesday! The eventual goal is to have more days like this than eating what we’ve had to purchase from the store.


Hannah makes quick work of polishing it off!


Some garden pics.



Heirloom corn and okra


and God has been providing a consistent amount of rain to water the garden. These things are good.

The bad and the ugly. I lost a hen who was setting on eggs in our stock trailer. I’m almost positive it’s a coon because not much else except a opossum could have managed to get in there.

Then we’ve had some trouble from this guy/girl. (No the snake isn’t ugly!)


First it was in my nest box in the chicken house. I could have spared an egg or two but the hens sort of freak about it. We moved it to the hay barn and then I found it wrapped around a hen who was setting on eggs in the feed room which is back over by the chicken house. I was just in time to save her but she only had 4 eggs left that weren’t broken. I also suspect it killed a large chick in the rabbit cage that was too large for it to eat because there wasn’t any sign of illness. It was just dead in the morning. The snake now lives at the neighbors hay barn! Then that stinkin’ coon got into the feed room Wednesday night and killed that hen and ate the eggs she was setting on. I think it’s time to go coon hunting! I also had another hen we had to put down. She had some problem that she couldn’t stand. It seemed almost neurological. Strange.

Oh. And my camera screen no longer works so I can only guess what I’m taking pictures of.  😀  We’ll see how that goes.

I’ll leave you with a “good.”

Peach jam. Not made with homegrown peaches as we don’t have peach trees yet but isn’t it purty? I did what they say not to and decreased the sugar to 4 cups from 5 1/2 cups as the last batch was so sweet. I also increased the lemon juice by 1 teaspoon and added an extra 1/2 pack of pectin. I’ll let you know how it is but it seems to have set and the leftovers in the pot were quite yummy!


Have a blessed 4th of July and may God bless the rest of your week.


8 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the UGLY

  1. katmando1955 says:

    Love the pics, wow a snake, Everything looks good and you look very happy. Have a great 4th! Love you!

  2. bob says:

    Is that a bull snake ? some people call them black snakes also. Maybe you could find out where the coon lives and deposit the snake there.

  3. April Kimble says:

    Your garden pics look great! We are getting so much rain that some of my produce is starting to rot. We also had a coon that got a few of my chickens but he is no longer around here.

  4. Wow, some snake. I am SO glad we don’t have those here – I am not good with snakes. Biggest we get are small garter snakes. Potatoes already! Congratulations. Always great to eat those first ones.

    • I don’t mind the black snakes as they’re not aggressive and great for rats and mice but not so great in the chicken house! The ones I don’t care for are the rattlesnakes and especially the copperheads as they can be really nasty. The one potato patch is doing great. I haven’t tried to dig from the other one yet but at least we’ll have taters this winter!

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