I’m Still Here!

I can’t believe it’s been four months since I’ve posted! There’s lots of gardening and baby chicks hatched and some predator problems. Lets see. We’ve planted several garden areas. Over 10,000 square feet!

Lots of potatoes.



Lettuce, onions and radishes.


There’s zucchini plants that are getting baby squash and apples on the trees.



We’ve been eating peas and salads and I even sneaked out some potatoes to make creamed peas and potatoes which were fantastic! Of course I didn’t get a picture! Those homegrown potatoes are the best thing EVER!

We’ve hatched 48 chicks and lost one last night. No idea why and it was almost 5 weeks old.



This hen actually is caring for 16 chicks as the hen who had 8 eggs at the same time became ill the day they were supposed to hatch and died shortly after. Thank god the weather has been warm as she could never cover them all!


I have two more hens on 18 eggs and I lost a hen and all 10 of her eggs. I suspect a coon as she was in our stock trailer and should have been safe enough but I guess not. At least we’ll have chicken to eat this winter!

Hannah and Kalina found mulberry trees. Hopefully we can save some from the birds as I’d like to try to make some jam from them.

I made peach jam from peaches Michale bought on sale. We don’t have any peach trees. That’s something that needs to change!


We’ve planted over 70 tomato plants, heirloom and peaches and cream corn, sweet potatoes that I started from slips for the 1st time,  okra, peppers and swiss chard. Broccoli and cabbage which don’t seem to be growing. Lots of green beans which we’re starting to pick. Some sunflowers, cukes, watermelons, cantaloupe, summer and winter squash. We planted field corn which mostly didn’t come up. Carrots which didn’t come up but the seed was old and I’ll replant this week. I started cabbage and broccoli for fall and I’m going to plant parsnips. And turnips if I can find my seed!  😀  In April we got over 700 eggs and in May we got over 6oo eggs! Now we’re down to 8-10 a day.

I’ll try to update more often than every 4 months.  🙂

And I’ll leave you with a picture that always brings to mind that God keeps his promises!


Have a blessed Sunday!


11 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!

  1. well now aint that just like a farmer to busy to post a post. and as far as God keepin his promises that is a fact. love u baby

  2. Granny Eklund says:

    So glad to see our post again…I have missed you very much…you and your family. Spring is such a busy time, while you have your family, I have my husband and best fiend, my dog Ket. I love to garden…flowers mostly as we live in small quarters…however, My flowers and yard are flourishing. It began a vey wet spring here…lots of flooding in Southern Alberta. Not so much around us. Thank Od for His goodness…keeping people safe when they are going through suh a difficult time. Worst flood in Canadian history. Will send you a picture of my flowers if I can figure out how. Look or ward to your next blog…GRANNY

    • I really feel for everyone dealing with the flooding. It’s just awful. I’d love to see your flowers but I don’t know if there’s a way to post a pic in the comments. You know you can stick a few veggies in your flowers! A tomato here, some lettuce and radishes there. And they taste so very good when you grow them yourself! Have a blessed week, Granny!

  3. bob says:

    No wonder you haven’t posted in a while , you have been pretty busy. Nice to see your back posting though

  4. katmando1955 says:

    Love the pics! You are so busy but thank you fo rposting anyway!

  5. I’m so glad you caught us up on your busy, busy life! The pictures are wonderful – what a great amount of food your are growing. We can’t grow peaches in any quantity here (climate is too damp), so we never make peach jam. I do buy a flat of peaches from the nearest peach region (the Okanagan Valley), a few hundred miles away on the mainland, and can them, once we’ve eaten all the fresh ones we can stand (which is a lot).

    • We’ll see how much of our food actually grows the way it should. A lot of things are already showing lack of growth. The soil needs some serious amending and I haven’t found anyplace to haul the needed amending material, aka critter poop, from. Most around here use it for their own gardens. We just purchased another 21# of peaches so I already know what I’ll be doing today! We love peach jam and everyone around here tends to use it on those pancake squares instead of syrup! Peaches usually grow well here but I’ll be looking for early and late varieties as often there’s a late frost that kill the blossoms.

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