The changing weather

We’ve had a wide range of weather including temps from the teens to the upper 50s this last week. So we’ve been here….

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 007

And here….

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 032

and today a few flakes in the a.m. and now here! Our high was about 35.

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 049

The chickens have started laying fairly well again. We went from 6 or 8 eggs a week to this…

My Kalina who gathers the eggs. I love the colors of our eggs!

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 018

Today we had 15 BUT every day I have eggs with yolk all over them. No shells in the nest. Kalina thinks she knows the culprit so we’ll try confining her to see. It’s great to have eggs again! I need to pickle some!

Having so many eggs allows us to have stuff like this! Pancake squares. Yummy. I like this because it’s easy and goes in the oven. Some plain and some with chocolate chips. And home grown bacon!  And fresh whipped cream! And homemade butter!  😀

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 040

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 038

With the cold temps we’ve been burning a lot of wood. I’ve also been trying to cook on the wood stove some and not use the electric except for baking which means I load more wood in the stove than we’d use just for heating. That means more of this…

Clifford loves to help! Thanks for the gloves Uncle Ron and Aunt Kathy!

2nd 3rd week feb 2013 047

It’s time to get supper ready so off I go. Putting food on the table takes up a lot of your day when you cook from scratch. But it’s oh so good.

Have a great evening. God bless.


11 thoughts on “The changing weather

  1. bob says:

    Speaking of stoves, I had come home late because of a wilderness meeting that was in town. OK you say, what does that have to do with a wood stove? Hold on, I’m getting to it. So I get in at 9pm and get a fire going and let the cat out. She no sooner got out then she wanted back in again. I get up and let her back in and turn around and stepped on her tail. She let out a fire engine wail, scared the bejeebers out of me, I pivoted as I lifted my foot and lost my balance and guess where my hand came down to keep from falling. Right on top of the hot stove. One would think pain would register faster then it does. I was able to get out the door and grab some snow and I think I will only have a little blister on my pinky finger.
    Those are nice looking eggs and once a hen starts cannibalizing there own eggs, its to the stew pot she goes. Sometimes if you add more calcium to the diet they will stop. I could hardly see anyone holding those eggs with that camo jacket she has on?
    Take care over your way and blessings around
    Bob & Carol

    • Your cat was probably freaking out. Poor kitty. How’s the hand? No eggs eaten today. But something is eating an occasional chicken. We’ve lost 2 that I know of and almost a third that I managed to save. Didn’t see what attacked. It was gone fast. Our guess is a fox. I’d send you some of those purty eggs if I could. We got 19 today! 😀 The girls like the camo so they can hide in the woods!

  2. The eggs look wonderful – the varied colour especially. I should get some Americaunas just for those blues… Pancake squares? I’ve never heard of them, but I sure like the sound of easy, I’ll have to give them a try. Homemade butter and homegrown bacon on the side – are you setting out to torture me or what?

    • hi sailor this is missy’s other half the pancake squares are to die for
      the reason they are so easy is cause you don’t have to flip them each one pop them in wait a bit then your eating pancakes life is great when its easier if you are entertaining kids visits pop it in just like cake kids will love them they are really fluffy light pancakes not like the griddle cakes that are tough they can be a nice change and they are easy.

      • We’re going to try this out tonight, our youngest just had her braces tightened, and it hurts to chew anything tougher than soft bread, so I think this will be the perfect dinner.

      • thats great she will probably like them their not tough like regular pancakes their like a fluffly cake very airy yet hearty try them on hubby too he might like them i know i do! 🙂

      • Baked ’em, ate ’em, they were awesome! Enjoyed by both girls (one of whom isn’t crazy about pancakes, but thought these were fine). Drizzled real maple syrup from my brother in law in New Brunswick over them, so I just did them plain. It is definitely much easier to do them this way if they’re part of a large meal like this – pop them in the oven and carry on with everything else. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Yesterday we had a pale blue, a light green and an olive green that the girls call magic eggs because they change from olive to almost brown depending on the light. Sorry about the torture. We have a horrible diet here. Lots of real butter slathered on homemade baked goods and fat homegrown meat. I think I can hear our arteries screaming for mercy. How long do you have to stay on that diet? It’s not like a forever thing, is it? So glad everyone enjoyed the pancake squares. I love pancakes but don’t love standing over the stove for an hour cooking enough to feed this group.

      • Do NOT talk about butter, lol. The bit about the magic eggs is much better. I’ve met my surgeon, but no word on a surgery date yet – I’m guessing April maybe. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight which needed to come off anyway, so that’s an upside of this diet :).

  3. Granny Eklund says:

    My son and his wife have five boys all under eight, and a little girl on the way next month…!!! They would love to live the way you do and I hope and pray that someday they will…seeing your little big boy help with wood just makes me smile and think of my grandsons…God bless you and your family…someday you will look back and smile…at a life well lived…Granny.

  4. It’s not an easy life by any stretch but oh so worth the work it takes to live it. Praying for your son and his family that they can make the changes needed to make the move sooner rather than later. And there’s lots they can do regardless of where they live. I’m glad you enjoy the blog and thank you for your prayers.

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