Hello out there!

I figured it was past time to update my blog so here goes.

In the last month we finally had the roof put on the house. Rain and cold made difficult working conditions for them and it took longer than it was supposed to.  There were other issues and unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this company to do roof work.

Some before shots.



Work in progress.



They brought the wrong boot for the stove pipe and so ended up reusing the old one and calking around it. There were other issues including receipts and supplies.


We still have a section we’ll be doing ourselves because of some repairs that need to be done to the kitchen porch before new tin can be put on.

Clifford received a tricycle from Grandma for his 3rd birthday (3 already?!!) and hasn’t ridden it much as it’s been very muddy or snow on the ground.


I’ll take snow and frozen ground over mud any day!


dec 12 1st wk jan 13 017

Honey  enjoying some hay. We found a source for round bales of mixed grass hay for $25 each about an hour away (which is close as we generally say it takes 1 1/2 hours to get anywhere from here!)

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 019

I have started a new schedule for baking. We are now baking on Wednesdays and Saturdays which should provide for most of our bread needs weekly.

Peach pie from Saturday. Didn’t get the bread or blueberry pie we did last week. I cheated and used purchased pie crust left over from Christmas and canned peaches but it was delicious anyway!

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 023

This Wednesdays baking. Two loaves of Irish soda bread.

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 028

Biscuits made using the Irish soda bread recipe which uses no baking powder. I found they had to bake longer. I’ll try a different cookie sheet next time instead of the insulated one. Not many left out of 24 after we had them for dinner.

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 029

Three loaves of wheat bread. This is delicious. I don’t remember where I found the recipe but I’ll walk through making it for a post.

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 031

Hamburger buns. I haven’t made them in a long time. I doubled the recipe and made 24 large buns.

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 032

I promised Michael some tortillas next time. I also made a pineapple upside cake but forgot to get a picture before we ate it.

Getting so big.

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 049

I’ll post some pics of all the kids next time. We’re still having water issues. One of the pumps froze and busted. We have one in the shop but last time we checked it still hadn’t been fixed. Thank God we’ve had enough rain to catch water but most of that is now frozen in tubs and barrels as our temps have been 20’s for lows and maybe mid to upper 30’s for highs. The forecast isn’t calling for any rain before next Friday so soon we’ll be carrying water from the spring. It’s about 150 feet up a very steep hill. I’m not looking forward to that hike up the hill but just look at all the exercise we’ll be getting!

I’ll leave you with some of the beauty God has provided us with here (maybe to help with the trials!)  🙂

The “Good morning” view from my kitchen window. Never tire of it!

dec 12 1st wk jan 13 025

Until next time God bless!


14 thoughts on “Hello out there!

  1. Sonny says:

    Sorry to hear about the roofer problems. Hope that pump gets fixed soon also. Your place looks good though. Stay warm.

  2. Glad most of the roof is done, too bad the company wasn’t as up to scratch as they should have been. The baking looks wonderful – I always intend to try soda bread and never do – because hubby mostly makes bread in the bread machine, it’s always yeast bread. We just made pie too-blueberry/blackberry – cleaning out berries from the freezer. The water issue must be a serious inconvenience, to put it mildly – especially in this weather with everything frozen. Sure hope you get a working pump again soon.

  3. Bob & Carol says:

    Beautiful children, beautiful roof,( Metal yea) and a new roof. Way to go my friends and God has a way of coloring our lives with sun sets and son rises that continue to give us more hope. Take care and God bless
    Bob & Carol

  4. cecilia says:

    getting the roof started is a good thing. now Missy honey, a question, I want to take daisy down to Once a day milking, it is going to get very cold soon..I will cut down on her feed to try and bring her production down a bit, she gives about 3 gallons a day, what else should I do.. other than checking for mastitis again, she is still kicking like crazy on and off.. c

    • Usually by the time a cow that produces as much as she does at her peak drops to 3 gallons a day you should just be able to cut one milking with no problem. She may be a little uncomfortable for the first day or so. I usually cut all grain both milkings for a couple of days before I skip a milking but you don’t grain do you? Our cow goes through that kicking phase but it’s mostly when she’s in heat. We’ve another 6-7 months before we will try to breed her because I don’t want a winter calf if I can help it. I can’t dry her up. She’s feeding too many at this point including a big 6+ month old calf who doesn’t really need it but it keeps me from having to grain her which I try to avoid if I can! I’m not sure how long she’ll produce enough to keep her milking but we’re looking at trying to keep her going for another 12 months (!!) if possible. UGG! Let me know how it goes.

      • cecilia says:

        I am doing exactly the same, trying to hold on until march april to breed her,but milk her at least until late spring I cannot do a mid winter calving/calf.. too scary I have a wedding in dec 2014 so I need to think way ahead at this point. And like you I need her to have milk right through to the lambs (mama always has too many) and piglets (fattening) next year if she will go that far.. OK good, I will check for mastitis then go ahead..her calf is almost 8 months, he can be weaned i think.. the kicking is very bad since I went away so i am trying to retrain her, and calm her, though today she is literally galloping around her field pig jumping at everything, being very naughty .. heat time again soon! thank you.. i will let you know for sure.. c

  5. katmando1955 says:

    I am so glad most of your roof is up and Spring will come soon! Love Cliffords helmet and tike!

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