Cold Brrr!

Last week was our coldest so far this winter. With several days in the teens with wind chill into the single digits water freezing became a problem. We didn’t want to run the gas pump to bring water to the house because of the chance of freezing and busting another pump. When the cistern by the house froze we resorted to carrying water up from the lower cistern that’s fed by the spring. Not really my idea of fun but Michael insisted it was good exercise!

Doesn’t she look positively chilly? “Hey! Is my water warm yet?”

jan 18 to 25 2013 140

We resorted to building a fire under a metal tub to thaw water for the cow and calf. Our defroster went out week before last.

Hot tub anyone?

jan 18 to 25 2013 149

We also spent time adding snow to the tub as it was easier than going up that hill with buckets of water!

It was during this wonderfully cold week that the girls on their way to milk one evening looked up and said “Isn’t that pretty?. Momma, is it supposed to do that?” The chimney was very close to being on fire! We had cleaned it in October before we started using it for the year. We’ve never had one get dirty so fast and we were burning mostly hardwood BUT some of it is a little on the green side. Maybe not quite seasoned enough? So with the draft shut down we let the fire die out as the temps dropped to the low teens. Thank God for the coal stove in the other room and an electric blanket I pulled out for our bed. Ever slept with a kicking 3 year old? You don’t sleep much!

The elbow inside had partly rusted and came apart when we took the pipe off to clean it.

jan 18 to 25 2013 139

Up on the roof to clean the pipe. It was VERY slick up there. Michelle and Kalina helped to keep Michael from having to go up and down to fetch stuff. Hannah was camera crew. (I opted to stay inside.  🙂  )

jan 18 to 25 2013 089

jan 18 to 25 2013 100

What are you doing up there?

jan 18 to 25 2013 079

Did I mention it was VERY cold?

jan 18 to 25 2013 065

jan 18 to 25 2013 071

Over to the chimney and clean!

jan 18 to 25 2013 101

jan 18 to 25 2013 106

The remains of the cap. Part of it was melted. Michael had used a piece of gutter material for a repair and it didn’t stand up to the heat. Another expense.

jan 18 to 25 2013 109

DON”T FALL OFF!! A close call. Did I mention it was VERY slick?

jan 18 to 25 2013 124

Michael put it back together with new elbows which needed replaced anyway.

jan 26 to 30 2012 016

Lit it  and it wouldn’t draw. Hmmmm. Back to the drawing board. It ended up there was so much creosote that it had completely clogged up the bottom of the pipe when Michael ran the brush down the chimney. Amazing.

jan 26 to 30 2012 019

jan 26 to 30 2012 025

We once again have our wood stove up and I’m very thankful for the heat it provides and the fact that I can keep a couple of pot of water heated all the time. Otherwise it means heating it on the electric stove which costs too much!


My fellers.  🙂

jan 26 to 30 2012 034

We also brought out a new round bale for the cow and calf.

Backing up to the trailer where we keep the hay. We can store 3 round bales in there.

jan 18 to 25 2013 142

Rolling it into the trailer. We’re good for another couple of weeks.

jan 18 to 25 2013 145

We currently have a little more snow (about 3″) after a good soaking rain. And our temps are once again in the teens with wind chill of zero! I was going to put some pics of our snow but I’m now having trouble uploading the pictures. Next time!

Have a great day and God bless!!


4 thoughts on “Cold Brrr!

  1. Sonny Jobe says:

    Where do you buy your coal from? I want to try using it with my syrup evaporator but Sothern States and TSC had no idea.

  2. bob says:

    Well a blessing for sure, a chimney fire is not a good thing. It does not take much green wood to clog things up. I try and have mine at least one year under cover before I use it. Spooning out creosote brings back memory’s Cudo’s to whom ever is taking the pictures and tell your husband he’s a brave man. I have been on metal roofs in the winter and it’s not a fun job.

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