The roof

So much for a new roof. The roofers were unable to come this week-end. It’s been one thing after another. Getting tired of waiting. The leaks are doing damage and it needs to be fixed.

This little man was in need of a haircut, don’t ya think?


I think the end result was quite nice!


We did our once a month shopping trip today. At least I can stay home for a while without needing anything!

I’ve been making banana bread and freezing some of it and I’m going to try pumpkin bread from a pumpkin Michael cooked a couple of days ago. I also froze enough bananas to make about 20 more loaves.  🙂

A beautiful sunset to end a nice day spent with my family!


Good-night and God bless.


2 thoughts on “The roof

  1. Bob says:

    you could always do it like the doctors do, if you don’t make an appointment they start paying you. I bet that would get them to fix the roof on time.

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