Still here!

Some pics of Michael using the baler. It was a good investment.

The bales are small but it makes them easy for the kids to handle.

I would have preferred hay but the weather and other things kept us from getting it soon baled enough. I am thankful for the straw for bedding for the animals.

We finished the roof over the shelter and hay/straw storage.

Helping Dadda work on the tractor. He’s learning all about tools and loves to spend the time working with Michael.

Clifford with some antlers left here by the previous owners.

It takes a lot of wood to heat for the winter. We’re figuring on at least 7-8 cords. We have about 3 cut and split and we’ve probably burnt at least a cord so there’s a ways to go! This is maple from some large rounds we moved from our old place.

These beautiful fall days call us outside. Kalina reading to Clifford (and Skitters!)

A favorite pastime for my children…read, read, read! I finally unpacked my Foxfire books. The girls (Melissa and Hannah here) found them fascinating reading and found many things they would like to try.

Michael is off to pick up our hams and bacon from the butcher today. He’ll also pick up our cooler that we traded 1/2 of a hog for. It’ll only be used for chilling meat when the weather is too warm for hanging the meat and we’re very thankful to have it as it’ll allow us to butcher anytime we need to and not have to wait for cold weather.

We’re still working on the water system. There’s plenty of water but pumping it up to the house is still causing some headaches. Right now it’s taking two pumps which have to be turned off when not in use. Michael still has another pump to try which if it works should pump it to the house with no problem.

We still need to pick up more hay for the cow and calf to get us through the winter. And we need to get the sow bred soon so we have babies early next spring. If Michael doesn’t eat her first! Right now she’s running loose but not causing too much trouble.

Next time (hopefully not a month from now!) I’ll post some pictures of the snow we received from Sandy.


2 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. Just found your blog and though I haven’t finished reading through the previous posts, I just wanted to say how fascinating I’m finding it – you and your family are definitely living life to the FULL. Living in the PNW as I do, I couldn’t believe you were able to bale hay at this time of year – you clearly live somewhere much warmer and drier than here! We use the small square bales here too-there’s a lot of equestrian folk around who prefer them to the big squares or the round bales.

    • Glad you’re enjoying the blog. We live in south central WV and haying is usually finished in Sept but we were in the process of moving. Looking forward to our 1st winter here. I’ll pop over to your blog to read when I get a chance.

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