A trip to the Elk River and look at these trees!

Saturday was so nice we decided to take the kids on a trip we had  promised to see the Elk River which is about 2 miles from here. I knew the water would be cold but we weren’t planning on swimming.

Clifford insisted he go in the water to wade like his sissys.


But Michelle helped him warm up. Thanks!

Of course someone (Michelle) had to fall in before we left! That water was REALLY COLD!

The fall color up here is amazing. I don’t know when I’ve seen much prettier. These were all taken on our property.

This is part of what I see every time I look out my kitchen window.

The meadow across the road.

One of the old sheds. It has a wood stove in it. Even so I think it would be rather chilly in there!

We’ve made progress on the water. Turned it on and water sprayed from the broken pipe in the bathroom! 🙂 Michael fixed it yesterday and so we’ll try again. He has to move the pump and pressure tank closer to the cisterns so right now we’re using a gas pump to transport to the electric pump and then to the house. We’ll get it!

I gave the chicken house a good cleaning and did nest boxes and put down a good layer of straw so they’re ready for winter.

I also added a couple more 10 ft. perches as it’s way crowded in there with all the young birds. Time to butcher some of the extra roosters that hatched this spring.


We spent this morning leveling and working on a better place to do the milking. It’ll be nice to be out of the weather for that. We’ll get it enclosed and the girls will be very thankful. We have more rain coming tomorrow and Friday. Stock tanks and buckets will get refilled. The spring will provide most of our needs but I’m always glad for rain.

I’m trying to start planning out the garden space. I don’t think we’ll have time to plow it up this fall. I’d like to put the pig in there. She’d till and fertilize! We’ll see.

Gotta run now. Michael has started bailing straw (couldn’t get it as hay with the weather) so I’ll put up some picks soon.



3 thoughts on “A trip to the Elk River and look at these trees!

  1. cecilia says:

    That water looked freezing! and gorgeous, isn’t it grand to take some time off for just playing around. And now putting up straw.. I love this kind of life, Give my love to your beautiful; girls, thank goodness they can get out of the weather for the milking. i am still training my surrogate milkers for when i go away. What i would give to have your girls down the road instead. c

  2. katmando1955 says:

    Looks so beautifull!

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