Our water situation

This is the hose coming from our spring. And this is the tree that fell at the base of our spring.

This is the cover over the cistern that holds our spring water to pump up to our house.

The water is at a trickle that might be 2 gallons an hour. The cistern needs to be completely pumped out and cleaned.

This is our current water supply.

These downspouts used to go into a drain in the ground. Michael altered them a little! 🙂

Full containers are a beautiful sight! I’m thankful for the Lord’s provision. We can take baths now.

Every place and container available to catch rain water is in use. We put this water into the 50 and 150 gallon storage containers.

We also have a shallow well that is dropping quickly even with light use of 20 gallons or less a day.

Michael cut the tree by the spring and hopefully will get the cistern pumped out tomorrow. We can also run a couple of miles down the hill to the Elk River and fill storage containers if we need to.

I’ll update as we make progress in the work.

We’re starting to see some fall color in the landscape.

Michael’s hay cutting toys. Oh, yeah. They’re not toys. Right!

My favorite sight. Michael’s truck topping the hill as he returns home!

Well, the milk’s in. Gotta go. Have a great evening. God bless!


2 thoughts on “Our water situation

  1. ceciliag says:

    In NZ on all the farms, all the house water is collected from the roof of the house, the gutters are directed into an enormous concrete tank and there is a little pump that brings the water to the house. In a drought you have to call the water man and he comes out in a big truck and fills the big tank back up. But the water is never as nice as the rain water that you collected. Please God you get your water situation sorted soon. We don’t want your beautiful girls running wild with dirty hair! I like the look of your little house. And your beautiful trees, do you heat with wood? I think you do. Well you will not run out of firewood anyway.. I am making vegetable stock again with the last of the garden, I can smell it boiling so I had better get back into the kitchen.. take care.. c

  2. We really need to consider a holding tank for the rain water. We have neighbors who had a well drilled and couldn’t get water. They have rain water and have water delivered when needed. We do heat with wood and have many large trees that went down in that big storm the end of June. Large, beautiful trees. A shame but we will put the wood to good use. We’re hoping to have some of it milled to use for building. We don’t have the wood stove hooked up yet and we should soon. Nights are getting chilly! Supper is ready so I’ll be off for now.

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