A much delayed update

I hope and pray that I never have to move again! UGG!!! Michael will be returning the borrowed trailer tomorrow. One more load in the pick-up and anything else can just stay.  I don’t have room for what we’ve moved and no time or gas to take things to the thrift store which is a real shame.

It actually looks much worse now because we’ve made several more trips since these were taken.

We moved from a house twice the size of this one and while I’m fine with that we have TOO MUCH STUFF!! There is still carpet to be torn out and so much can’t be done before that’s finished. Maybe next week when Michael will actually BE here. 🙂

We have barns that need to be built and hay to buy and figure out how to store. We’ll get there.

The sunsets and sunrises up here are fantastic! You’ll probably see this tree a lot. I love it. It’s an oak about 80 feet tall.

My sunset watching buddy. Skitters. Our oldest cat. She’s almost nine years old now. All of our cats have adjusted to the move. They seem to be staying fairly close for which I’m grateful as we hear coyotes most nights.

Chestnuts. We have several trees on the property although there was damage to them from the big storm.

How do we get these things out??

Very nice!

This was late one night when the moon was full. I was playing with the camera trying to get a shot of the moon through the clouds. See. There’s my favorite tree again!

Our water situation is something I’ll post about another time. I’m very thankful for the rain we received today.

Have a great night and God bless!


2 thoughts on “A much delayed update

  1. ceciliag says:

    That second to last shot of the moon should be enlarged and put on the wall.. beautiful.. I can sense that you love it up there.. c

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