Pics From the Farm

I’m feeling a little put out this morning! We’re on generator power here and I didn’t get back in time to get gas last evening. This post was almost finished when the gas ran out. It didn’t save my post. I guess we start over!

These aren’t the best pictures. It was evening and some had poor lighting but it will give some idea of the farm. I need to get the kids in them to give a better perspective. Next time.

This is when you top the hill and get the first view of the house and the first field. The hay really needs to be cut!

Coming around the road toward home.

The same field looking to where you top the hill.

Looking out my kitchen window toward the same area.

The building on the left has equipment storage on the front side and a small shop and chicken coop on the back. The chicken run is almost finished.

The building on the right is for storage.

Wood shed and tractor shelter to the right of the house.

The front of the house from the road. You can see the top of the cellar house to the left and behind the house.

Black gold. I don’t really care for burning coal but we have a coal stove and it’s free fuel. We will also burn wood. So messy but I probably won’t care when it’s -10 degrees outside! 🙂

Everything is such a mess. I get to spend a couple of days home starting this evening and Michael will be here. Hopefully it will give me a chance to get a little organizing done.

I’ve got to get. We need to load the truck for another trip. I’ll surely be glad to finish.

Have a blessed day!


3 thoughts on “Pics From the Farm

  1. Sonny Jobe says:

    Update please. It has been a long time.

  2. Kathy Long says:

    Glad your in your new home! Looks so beautifull. Hope every one is well and happy! Please check your Face book page soon for Hannah!

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