Waiting, waiting

We made an offer on the property we are interested in buying. Now we wait to see if they accept our offer. The house is much smaller but the fields and pasture is great. Some outbuildings, a drilled well and a shallow well. And WAY out and up a mountain.

The girls out around a big pear tree.

Melissa and I dug the second row of potatoes today. The yield was about 30# for the 45′ row.Most of them were very nice with no bugs and no rot. We have 4 more rows in this garden to dig.

We also harvested some of the Lamb’s Quarter and had some for dinner with sliced tomatoes and baked potatoes. Yummy.

I think the Lamb’s Quarter is on of the most prolific things growing in my garden! We all love it. I boil it for a few minutes, drain and add butter, salt and pepper. It’s very good for you and I seem to have a hard time growing spinach and this grows without any help from me!

We also have purslane which the kids eat raw but I’m going to try cooking.

Time to get back to packing – and waiting, waiting.


2 thoughts on “Waiting, waiting

  1. ceciliag says:

    packing and waiting! … my potatoes were rubbish this year, I need to dig almost a row to get a pot full.. quite miserable really as usually i can fill a big pot from a plant! Buying potatoes at this time of year makes me want to spit! Honey will love the good pasture, i am hoping this works out for you.. c

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