Still searching!

We had another long day of driving looking at farms and property. The one place we had the highest hopes for was a bit of a disappointment. The old 1800’s cabin needs major repair which I not sure we can manage with everything else. And much would need to be done before winter. We’re supposed to look at another place Monday.

A few pics from last month. Blackberry cobbler served with fresh cream. So yummy!

Homemade butter is the best! I love my cow!!!

Shelling peas.

Eating peas! It’s the only way he’ll eat them!

I have more to post but not tonight. It’s late and tomorrow will be busy. We need to pick beans and weed the upper garden. Especially the roma tomatoes which are up there to keep them away from my heirlooms and have been sorely neglected with all our property shopping. And we’ll probably get our first corn next week. Yippee! Yesterday I picked 10 heirloom beefsteak tomatoes. So good. I just need to remember not to eat all of them as I would like to try saving seed from them. Do you save your seed?

Night all and God bless!


One thought on “Still searching!

  1. Lacy Reif says:

    I’m sure you guys will find the perfect place. The ones that are the best take the longest to find.

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