I’m Still Here!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted.  We’ve sold our farm and are searching for one to replace it. We went to a place today that we really liked but the house needs quite a bit of work. If they won’t come down a little in their price we may not be able to do it. We’re looking at several other places tomorrow but it will be hard to beat this one! We’ve also looked at several that just won’t work. Not enough fields for pasture and hay and my large garden!

So much has happened since the big power outage. We lost one of our dogs during that awful heat. So sad. We miss him very much. We were without power four days but many were without for almost 2 weeks!

The garden is doing fairly good. Bugs are a problem with some things and I’ve been on this computer and on the road so much looking for property it’s hard to keep up. I HATE being away from home so much!

I’ll get some pics posted in the next day or so and try to keep my blog updated.

It’s late and we’ve got a busy day of looking at more property tomorrow!

Night all and God bless!




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