Garden Addition Almost Finished

The fencing is about done except for wiring the chicken wire Michael put up to the field fence.

I tilled two rows today and Hannah and I set out 17 Mortgage Lifter tomato plants this evening. I love the taste of them. They’re more of a pink tomato.

The corn is almost knee high. We hoed and weeded it and the beans yesterday. Pretty soon it’ll be high enough to plant some half-runner beans.

The onions are doing ok but there’s a lot of empty spaces. I’ve never had so many not make it.

The peas are starting to bloom. I never seem to do well with peas. We’ll see if it gets too hot for them.

The dill is getting seed heads. I don’t know if I should leave them or take them off. Anyone know?

The caterpillars are eating my cabbage! I missed a couple when I picked the other day. I drop them into a small jar with water and a film of oil.

These are the green ones. I’ve also had some striped ones on my broccoli and cauliflower plants.

Getting some small heads of broccoli. Yippee!

The potatoes are about the best we’ve grown. Praying they’re not all tops. I’m about to try to sneak a few and see!

We’re not seeing many adult potato beetles but lots of larva. Picking them off every two or three days.

We have all those beautiful potato plants and then this. What happened? I think I’ll dig it up and see.

Melissa and I walked to the upper garden to water the 6 Roma tomato plants there and saw that the Yukon Gold potatoes are starting to come up. I still need to get the heirloom corn planted up there the first of next week or it won’t have time to mature. I’ll also plant two more rows of bush beans tomorrow and try to prepare the hills for the butternut squash. I also need to plant at least one row of okra. Yikes! I think we’re going to be busy! But it’s a good busy.

How’s your garden growing?

Time to shut down for the night. God bless and have a great week-end!




3 thoughts on “Garden Addition Almost Finished

  1. ceciliag says:

    fantastic garden, it is so much work, i collect my caterpillars and throw them in with the chicken food.. they love them!! good protein too! love your corn, i am hopeless at corn! c

    • I’m usually pretty hopeless at corn too. I’m very pleased with our garden this year. And I did sneak some potatoes and some of them are bigger than my fist (which really isn’t that big!) and we’ll be picking peas next week. They’re doing great even though we didn’t get them in as early as I wanted.

  2. hotlyspiced says:

    What an enormous garden. It looks like you’ll have quite the harvest soon as long as you can keep the pestie bugs at bay. I don’t think I’ve seen that variety of tomatoes before. Good luck with all your crops.

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