New garden section

We’ve started working on the new section of garden. It won’t be completed until we get a few t-posts.

Pounding in the corner posts.

A little too tall to pound in.

Chain saw, please!

That’s better.

This section is about 20×25 feet. It will be very good soil because last year Michael pushed the litter from the barn cleanings out here to compost. Unfortunately it is also filled with fist sized gravel that was picked up from in front of the barn along with the straw and manure. Kids and a wheelbarrow will be sent to the rescue.

Before and after removing some of the weeds.

Chickens have been enjoying the bugs that are being exposed by the work!

This is located at the end of the existing 25×175 foot lower garden. We’ll be planting butternut squash, cucumbers, and maybe some tomatoes here.

I’m hoping with about 50 feet and a patch of corn separating them my two types of heirloom tomatoes will stay pure. I’ll be trying to save seed for the first time this year. Exciting stuff!

I’ll update as we finish the fencing and get this planted. If my seed ever gets here!

The weather is supposed to be beautiful this week. Low to mid 70’s for highs and low 50’s at night. Great for working outside! And for sleeping!

And now for your (or maybe my) viewing pleasure.

A rose growing where we’ve never had one. Where did it come from?

Don’t know but it sure is a little beauty!

I think I’ll just have to dig some up – there are several- and move them up by the house!

Melissa walked to the upper pasture on Saturday and found Honeysuckle and Wild roses. She brought me a small bouquet. They smell fantastic! HMM. I wonder if I can transplant some of the wild roses?

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of our life this week.

Time to head to bed soon. I’ll be a very busy day tomorrow. Our 1st rabbit is due to have those babies tonight and we have roosters to butcher tomorrow in addition to garden, housework,etc., etc., etc.!

Have a great week. God bless!



2 thoughts on “New garden section

  1. tipper says:

    It all looks great! A new garden area is always exciting : )

    • We just need to string a strand of barbed wire on the bottom now and some chicken wire to keep the little beasties out (they love the young butternut squash) but I just found out my butternut squash seeds have been back ordered. 😦 If I don’t get them in soon they won’t mature before first frost.

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