Blessed Rain

It’s been a little dry here in central WV.

When you don’t have rain you water by hand!

Those young plants just don’t have the root system to deal with the heat and dryness. So we pray for rain.

And receive a wonderful answer!

We had a little wind with our rain but that’s o.k. Those potatoes will recover just fine.

And everything and everyone was so refreshed by the rain.

The ground was so thirsty that we ended up with very little mud. Hannah was very thankful for that. She really doesn’t like mud!

We’re getting ready to add an extension onto our lower garden to give me room to plant my butternut squash and some cukes. Pictures to come in the next couple of days.

Do you need rain where you are?

My kiddos are asking for some ice cream. Time to scoot off here. Have a blessed rest of the week.



2 thoughts on “Blessed Rain

  1. lkjobe says:

    Thanks for the prayers, we got some rain too here in North Western WV. It was a real blessing. Just enough to cool things down a little water the garden.

  2. Katy A. says:

    God is good! Wonderful photos! 🙂
    Thank you, so much, for the encouragement on my blog…I truly appreciate it! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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