New Additions! And Other Happenings

It’s hot here today in central WV. Lower 90’s for a high and it’s after 9:30pm and still 79 degrees with 76% humidity.

Our latest bunch of chicks have hatched! We had 11 out of 14 hatch but one was deformed and we had to put it down. I hate that but I know it’s better than to let it suffer. I’ll turn them loose tomorrow. Mama hen will take good care of them.

Some pics of the potatoes and some of the mulching that’s been done so far.

We’re almost finished with the lower garden. Only about 20 more (UGG!) loads of mulch and we need to water (again) if we don’t get some rain soon. Most of the upper garden (30×50) is tilled and waiting for corn, beans and tomatoes. Michael planted four rows of potatoes up there on Saturday. I still need to plant my cukes and butternut squash after we get a fence around where they’re going. So much still to do. At least we’re done with school so we have the time to work the garden. We really need to do fence work also.

At church today Pastor preached from John Chapter 20  about Thomas and how it’s o.k. to question God when you have doubts or don’t understand. I’d PREFER to be the blessed who have believed without seeing instead of a Doubting Thomas! Doesn’t always happen, though.  After church we got together with family friends and had lunch. It was nice to get out and visit. It’s the 1st time I’ve been out except for church in about 3 weeks! Maybe I need to get out more? Naw.

In the van leaving church.

Playing Blind Man’s Bluff with the daughters of our friends.

Kalina, Melissa and Michelle.


Time to go! Kalina and Melissa.

Our cow Honey. She should be due to have her calf in July.

We’re not positive she’s bred but we’re drying her up either way. If she’s not bred she needs to be and we’ve been milking her for over a year now. She is still giving us about 2 gallons a day but that’s nothing like the 5+ a day we were getting when she first freshened. We have to haul her to the bull and it’s not easy driving 10 miles round trip 2x a day to milk while she’s with the bull. I told my hubby he better find me something to milk! I won’t purchase milk from the store (the kids won’t drink it anyway) and there’s no one around here to buy milk from. He says no goats. It’s hard to keep them fenced in and we can’t take a chance on losing our garden. They can devastate it in no time. Been there, done that!

I’m off to bed soon. What’s happening with you?

I hope you had a great week-end. God bless.


2 thoughts on “New Additions! And Other Happenings

  1. Katy A. says:

    Honey is such a beauty! 🙂
    We have goats and we don’t fence them in. We have stalls for them and then on nice days, we stake them out on lines in the yard and they “mow” a bit for us. Then they aren’t near our raised garden beds! 🙂 I have tried goat milk though..and I just can’t swallow it. We don’t have the room for a cow, or I would love to have one! I hope you can figure out a way to get some fresh milk after Honey is dried up!


    • Still working on the milk problem. When we milked goats the milk was really gook. Not as creamy as Jersey by a long shot but still good. I think it can depend on what they eat and of course how the milk is handled is really important.

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