More of last week

I’m so glad the lower garden is almost finished. We’ll be planting in the upper garden in the next few days.

These warm, sunny days are great for hanging out laundry.

And playing ball in the yard.

Who’s that “Monkey in the Middle?” That would be Hannah.

Almost 2 1/2 already. Where does the time go?

Our temporary visitors. A pair of robins that fell from their nest. It was too high to put them back. They sure eat a lot! They’ll be ready to fly soon. Then to teach them to find food. The joys of life in the country.

We had some visitors to our creek last week. Nine Canadian geese. They sure are beautiful. Sorry the pics aren’t better. It was evening and the lighting wasn’t good. I tried two different settings on the camera.

Our latest hatchling. Aracona cross. The kids say they look like chipmunks! We have 14 more due to hatch tomorrow.

Here’s a Polish cross. I love the topknots and they don’t have trouble seeing like the pure Polish.

And last but not least – “Get me out of here!”  Well, don’t stick your head in the bucket!

Have a great evening and Memorial week-end! God bless.




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