Quick update

It’s been a very busy week. The 1st garden is almost finished and the upper garden is mostly tilled and ready to plant. And I’ve managed to get a rather nice sunburn the last two days!

We have 6 tomatoes in with another 22 to set out. We’ve also set out our peppers, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. About 80 ft. of corn, 40 ft. of beans, and 2 hills of yellow crookneck and 4 zucchini plants.

We have about 150 potato hills in the lower garden. Weeded and de-bugged (potato beetles and we’re trying to stay ahead of them) and all but three rows hilled for at least the 2nd time.

!st line of defense against the weeds. We planted extra wide rows to allow the tiller between for weeding.

2nd line of defense – kids and hoes!

Aren’t they beautiful?

This will provide a different kind of food for our family as soon as the weather permits. Grass fed pork. Yum!

And this will provide more baby piggies.

Time to hit the sack. I’m one tired farm lady and tomorrow will be another busy day. We’ll be planting more potatoes and setting out tomato plants. I’ll try to post with some more pictures of other happenings tomorrow.

Good night and God bless.



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