Another day

A partly sunny, partly cloudy, sort of breezy and chilly kind of day.  The garden is still wet. Some of the onions are in standing water. But the potatoes are looking great and the peas are starting to peek through the ground. The weeds are beginning to get the upper hand already. We’ll tackle them tomorrow come what may. (Unless Jesus comes back!) I hope to get my tomato plants in tomorrow or Saturday. I also have some broccoli, cauliflower, and squash to get in. Part of the garden needs to be retilled and it’s been too wet. Praying for a few days break from the storms.

In our homeschooling we’re doing finals in most of what hasn’t been finished. Hannah is closest to being done. Melissa and Michelle have the most with history and math still to finish. Kalina is close to done. She has finals in history and language tomorrow. It’ll be great to have more time to devote to the farm and garden!

We’ve hatched some pretty funny looking chickens again this year. Part polish so they have a funny top knot.


No, it doesn’t have a blade!

Time to hit the sack. It’ll be a very busy day tomorrow. ‘Night all and God bless!


One thought on “Another day

  1. ceciliag says:

    I hope your garden gets a chance to warm up and GROW! We have been so lucky with our weather over here! Thank you for your comments on the Kitchens Garden this morning, I was afraid that my page would alienate people, growing animals for meat is one of those topics people would rather not think about much less discuss! so thank you.. have a lovely day.. cute chickens!! c

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