Today was my big once a month shopping trip. We went to Elkins and had lunch with my brother, Velair. It was nice to visit with him for awhile before he headed back to work and we headed to shop. We actually went to Elkins to check on the ownership of a piece of property that used to belong to my Grandparents. We’re interested in possibly buying it. We forgot that with election day that the court house would be closed! I don’t know where our brains were. It was worth the trip anyway to get to see my brother. If we can get this property it will put us much closer to some of my family. We’d love that.I’m glad this kind of trip only happens once a month. We’re usually gone most of the day and I have so many things I’d rather be doing at home! Not to mention it’s tiring. So glad to have it over with.

We were able to see the perigee moon on Sunday night. Clifford kept saying, “Super moon!” The kids were up way past their bedtime but were so excited to get to see it. It was slightly cloudy so it wasn’t perfectly clear. It was still good. The kids said it was worth the lost sleep. Not a great picture but the best out of what we took.The reflection on the creek was beautiful.

Got to go now. Still lots to do this evening. Night, y’all.


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