A Beautiful Day That The Lord Made

It was nice that our whole family was able to attend church today. It seems that when we get sick it takes at least two weeks and usually three for it to work through all of us. Glad it’s over and we’re well again. It was nice to fellowship and worship together and our Pastor delivered a great sermon today.

The sun is shining and the waters are once again within their banks. We lose part of our property each time it floods. I would estimate we’ve lost 10 to 15 feet in the last 7 years.

The original bank when we moved here about 7 years ago was approximately  in the middle of where the current stream runs.

The standing water is gone from my onions. I’m thankful for that but we have more rain coming.

Peach cobbler. I never remember to get a picture before we start eating it. I think someone is enjoying his cobbler!

A few pics from the farm today.

Sunrise and his ladies. We have 2 roos like this. The other is Sunset.

One of our broody hens and the 14 eggs she’s setting on.

Melissa’s roo named Faithful. He’s part Araucana and part Polish.

One of my cats. This is Callie.

The “boys” watching an episode of “Flipper.”

Have a blessed Sunday.



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