Floody, Floody

I wanted to get out in the garden today but we had a little bit of rain. Just a little.

That ridge in the water is where the stream usually runs around the bend. I think it’s going the wrong way.

The stream is supposed to be on the other side of that line of trees. The dogs enjoyed the water!

The garden is a little wet. I sure pray it dries up before my onions start to rot.

Puddles are fun!

The blackberries are in full bloom and loaded with blossoms and were covered with bees.

Here’s pictures of the black and white doe and buck that didn’t make it into my post yesterday. Aren’t they pretty.

I love the maple trees on the back side of our house.

I have to wrap this up for the evening. It’s time for the peach cobbler to come out of the oven.



One thought on “Floody, Floody

  1. yah Baby that peach cobbler was great!!!!!!!!!

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