Planted a row of peas about 25ft. long and set out aprox. 200 onion sets today. Also pulled some weeds. I thought after all the rain we had last night and this morning it would be too wet to plant. I waited until about 5:30 this evening before hitting the garden and it was o.k.The last 4 rows of potatoes we planted are coming up so we have 6 up now. If it doesn’t rain, ha ha, I’m going to try to get at least two more rows in tomorrow.

I put the first doe to be bred in with the buck today. We should have baby bunnies in 30 days! We’re looking forward to fresh rabbit meat. Even if we have to wait another three months from now to butcher the first ones. We should be able to keep enough growing to have rabbit once a week after the first ones grow out. I would like to purchase another buck for different breeding combos.

We finished most of our school work for the week except one has a history test, two have spelling tests, and one needs to complete¬† a math lesson. I need to grade papers from the last three days tomorrow. We’re almost done!

We’re hoping for clear skies tomorrow to view the perigee moon. It’s supposed to be something. The biggest and brightest in 20 years. We’ll see what the clouds do tomorrow evening. Hannah especially loves to look at the stars. God’s creation is awesome. Although it sure can make me feel small thinking about what’s out there!

Here’s a few picks from this week.

What to do on a cold, rainy day? Build tents, of course!

Momma having a little computer time.

And now it’s time for this Momma to think about heading to bed. I need to get up and do my bible reading tomorrow to start my day off right! God bless.




One thought on “Planting

  1. love ya baby get some rest! tis good for kids to play and work as well!

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