Chicks and Planting

We’ve had a few baby chicks hatch since the 1st of the month. Three banties hid eggs, one of them hers plus someone else was laying in the same nest, and we had 42 baby chicks! One banty hatched 7, one 13 and one 22! We lost 2 of the 22 and gave 5 to someone else because there were just too many for her to care for. I have one hen with 14 eggs that I actually set under her that will hatch Friday.  The kids love baby chicks!

Hannah and Dorac, her Australian Shepherd.

We planted 4 more rows of potatoes and red, white and yellow onions. If it doesn’t rain I hope to plant beets, more yellow onions and some peas tomorrow. I’ll try to post some planting pics next time. They wouldn’t load tonight and I need to get to bed. Have a great week, everyone!



One thought on “Chicks and Planting

  1. Kathy Long says:

    How about telling us what goes into the planting . From seed to Table, as you go. Not all of us know how to do any of this. Thanks so much. Looks like fun!

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