Ramps and Taters

It has been beautiful here in central WV the last couple of days. Michael and the girls  dug ramps yesterday morning but forgot to take a camera. We have enough for eating now and to put some up.

They started cooking them before there was even enough cleaned!

Many hands make for light work.

Put two rows of potatoes in today. The ground is FINALLY dry enough to work in the garden. Yippee!

Time to head to bed. I’m up much later than I should be trying to get this posted! We have much to do tomorrow including some school and getting ready for Easter. We won’t be attending our church’s sunrise service as we can only make one trip into town and we milk at 7:15a.m. We’ll attend service later in the morning. Have a great week-end and a blessed Easter in celebration of the rising of our Lord and Savior.


2 thoughts on “Ramps and Taters

  1. tipper says:

    Now that is a mess of ramps : ) We love them too!

  2. They’re a favorite around here. Even the two year old loves them. Thanks for stopping by!

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