Busy Week

We butchered two more roosters today. We hope to do a couple more tomorrow and Wednesday. We’re also going to try to go dig ramps this week. If we don’t go soon they’re going to get too big!

The weather was beautiful today. The Pawpaw trees are in bloom and the wildflowers are beautiful. The kids were out without their shoes again today. I love Spring! It’s supposed to go down to 37 tonight so my peach tree should be o.k. When we had the frost last week, Michael took our old barrel bbq and set it under the tree and built a fire in it. It seems to have worked.

School is going well. I’m sure looking forward to being done this year. This weather  makes it VERY hard to stay inside with our nose in the books.We’ll be done soon. We’ve finished science and will be done with math by the end of April or so. History and Grammar will take a little longer but as we finish one subject it allows more time spent on others. I hope to be all finished by the middle of May.I haven’t decided if we’ll take a Spring Break or not. I’ll probably hold off until May when my sister Ruth and her husband Steve come for a visit.

It’s getting late and I need to head to bed soon.

A few pics.

Dandelion greens. Yum!


My peach tree.

I love our beautiful colored eggs!

Wisteria in bloom.

Hannah, Kalina and Clifford off to play.

Pawpaw in flower. They’re pretty but boy do they stink!

Our Pawpaw grove and part of the cellar house.


2 thoughts on “Busy Week

  1. tipper says:

    Love the photos-especially the pawpaw bloom-I’ve never seen one before : ) Sounds like your family has been busy enjoying life-and spring-which is a totally good thing : )

  2. Yes. Absolutely LOVE Spring!

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